Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Quality from Larmour :clap:

The icing on a very nice cake.


Larmour had the balls to go for the scoop there


Leinster Leinster Leinster


Ah in fairness, they’ve been magnificent


Beautiful step by Carbery


Best club side in the world. Id love to see them play crusaders or hurricanes. Id fancy them strrongly to win that


They should do what rugby league does and have the winners from both hemispheres play each other.


@carryharry annoyed me and he’s paying the price now.
He’s still grinning like a spa.


Timing of seasons only reason it doesnt happen id say


Leinster are something else. Not far off 30 players good enough to play for Ireland against oz when all fit. Even there not Irish qualified players are outstanding.


U20s kicking off vFrance there on Eirsport 2 if anyone interested


Looks like a try here. As always at this level Ireland completely overpowered and undersized. But look much better coached


Yeah. I thought after the first French try, the floodgates would open but a decent comeback


Harry Byrne at 10 is Ross Byrnes kid brother
Paul Deans son is on the bench.
Trevor Brennans son is tighthead for France he is a man mountain
Emile nTmacks son is out half for them


Fuck. Lucky there


TMO on high tackle?


Robbed. And robbed my race to 15 bet too :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

Was high alright


I thought for a second there was no TMO and that they got away with it


Up ya boy ya


Hes a mighty bit of stuff that lad