Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Uh oh


What the fuck is that noise?


Trevor Brennan’s young lad has a lovely gallic burr to his Clondalkin accent


I’m going to tip this 17 year old from RC Massy Essone, Jordan Joseph for greatness.


What’s the score?
I’m just in the door from the avengers, which is a rattling good film. The best since guardians of the galaxy one.


Ireland 49
France 3


That’s a good win.




Jaysus. France must be good.


Get alot more out of it than France.
Easy know why France are where they are


Yeah. Ireland tend to use it for development rather than rounding up 20 tanks. England have had a few sensational teams win it and got v little out if it either.

Its a great comp. See this teamsheet from 2011. 12 or 13 all blacks a welsh international and a soon to be england international from the NZ 22. Wales got a v good crop from that game as well (match ended 92 nil to NZ!!!)


He was outstanding. Signed for Racing


I’d argue that few England u20 players are actually outstanding. Just big and strong. Hard straight runners in the centre. England are crap because when they have a genuine world class talent like cipriani, they don’t nurture him, and their system is stacked towards a team full of Mike tindalls who are basically shit players playing a shit type of game, and it’s escaped their notice that every country can match them for size and strength nowadays. They still think they can bully teams. It’s laughable. They’ll win fuck all against decent opposition.


Thats pretty much exactly the point. They have been so succesful at these u 20 comps becausr they have bullied their way through it. Means their backs are never on the back foot and are nowhere near ready for the pro game.

Harry Mallinder is a perfect example. When they beat ireland in final a few years ago he was the 2nd coming. Hes a massive lad for an out half. Doesnt cut the mustard at all with northampton now. No clue what to do in a poor side.


Who Is Joseph Carbery?
And why are people excited?


A gay porn star.

Extrapolate from there.


Castres beat South Africa comfortably to claim the Bouclier du Brennus


South Africa are currently trailing 3-14 to Wales ar the Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy stadium, Washington DC.


Jordan Conroy making a bit of a name for himself @gilgamboa


Hes lightening quick. That was a great result. USA are decent. Hopefully they can keep it pucked out to Fiji but I doubt it. He did wreck in the 2nd division of the AIL few seasons back but he is pretty much full time at the 7s now.