Rugby- 2017 and onwards


The headline on was along the lines of brilliant Georgia team beat oireland


I’m not sure that could be right, surely it would be Brilliant Georgia beat brave Ireland?




it certainly wasn’t a Georgia peach


Interesting looking show coming up here where Tommy Bowe tries to carve out a post rugby career under the cover of struggling to come to terms with the end of his career. Contributions from Derval O Rourke, Paul McGrath and Tony McCoy.


Conor Ryan seems a grand sort . Tough on him .


More woes for the u-20’s.

Hammered 45-29 by lowly Scotland in the 9th place semi final.

Defeat to Japan will result in relegation.


Goes to show just how competitive rugby football is. Great to see the Scots and Georgia on the rise.


Intriguing game between France and The All Blacks in the Under 20 Semi final in Paddy Jacksons new town of Perpignan.

Nice to see Paddy come to the game and show some support.


Young Brennan has a grand accent .


Pwc must be mortified to be associated with this Irish fiasco


I didn’t realise relegation was possible in rugby.


Didn’t the scotch reach the last world cup semi final?


His post match interview was a classic, fair play to him, a baysht


I’m going to mention this at a meeting with PWC representatives later. I’m not happy associating with an audit and assurance firm who themselves associate with a toxic brand of losers.


Its absolutely amazing the tight margins in rugby. Its only a few weeks back that the Irish ran this French side oh so close in the opening game of the competition.

No chaff in this competition. Fantastic to see how competitive this competition is. No chaff like Panama or Saudi Arabia to make up the numbers


Were Ireland there to make up the numbers?


Blew their load in the first game, and unable to sustain a challenge throughout the competition.

Its almost like Joe was managing them himself.


Oireland are the chaff mate


Seems like a lovely young man.