Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Huge game versus Japan this weekend. Irish Rugby might have been going well but this is a warning sign to us not to rest on our laurels, it’s just too competitive.


Its amazing. Finalists a few short years back and now this. Where else would you get it


The Munster hurling championship .


the League of Ireland


The English Premier League
The Kilkenny Hurling Championship




Countries with no sporting tradition just seem to turn up at these galas and beat Oirland at this shit. Is there any way the IRFU can veto these randomers from entering so they can maintain the illusion that we’re good at this?


The Ulster Football Championship


The Scottish 1st division


The MLS.


The South Tipperary Junior B Hurling Championship.


The Phelan/Stone in Ballyragget


The Munster hurling championship


Well done Dan, you reeled in a fair few there.


Didnt the Western Bulldogs win the grand final 2 years ago and not even reach the play offs last year?

cc @Gman




yup. currently now 14th in the 18 team league.


Thanks for confirming.


Tipperary won the AI in 2016. Reached the semi final in 2017. And couldnt win a game in 2018.
Where else would you get it?


anytime pal.

As an aside, Starlights won last years Wexford football senior championship having been in the previous years relegation final if that is of any use to you. I’m not following what is going on here so that might be a backwards version.