Rugby- 2017 and onwards


All the lads are hopping mad now.

Mentioning various non international events like the NFL with its player draft. :joy:

It’s going to be very difficult versus Japan for us. This is a country that breathes rugby football.


Unreal. Where else would you get it!


Rugby. Even underage rugby. Is box office


The size of japan and their population too. How could we compete


Underage rugby?


Besides under age rugby, where else would you get it?


I doubt you’d get it anywhere else really. A pretty unique thing I reckon in sports generally.


ok, ok… Aside from the roads, education, law, wine, irrigation, medicine…


In fairness to Ireland at this age level they haven’t yet had the opportunity to poach a few South Africans or South Sea Islanders to round out the squad


Is Paul O’Connell involved with this team?



He didnt put the fear of god into them.


Look at all this discussion on the rugby football Under 20 World Cup.

Box office.


We are now net victims of it. France’s best player is an Irishman.


Do you think the IRFU could veto the entry of pub teams to the U20 gala?


Anytime the province of Scotland beat a combined Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland team ir certainly raises the notice of voyeurs. Much like a pile up on a motorway with multiple casualties






The Eire soccer team couldn’t beat the Scotland team, despite stealing two of their best talents.