Rugby- 2017 and onwards


I imagine losing to pub teams like Japan and Georgia impacts Ireland’s reputation within the small rugby fraternity. To prevent this from happening again is there anyway from preventing these pub teams from entering the competition in the first place? Maybe get them to fill out an entry form in the hope that this puts them off turning up.


Pub teams? Japan beat SA at the 2015 RWC and Georgia only last week beat Tonga away from home and they ran wales v close in Cardiff in the Nov internationals.

Dont let your ignorance blind you to the facts. These are up and coming rugby nations #globalgame


Because of financial incompetence


Not everyone can be constantly dug out like Munster rugby.


Tonga, population 107,122 :rofl:




Actually it is 109,008 you simple Muldoon.


Do you want to have a bet on that? Oh wait, scratch that, you don’t honor your bets.


How many clubs?


That’s kind of my point, countries with no tradition in sport take it up for the craic and within a few months are beating the likes of Oirland. Is there any way the IRFU can prevent these lads from turning up and making a mockery of the theory that rugby is a skillful and technical hobby.


was listening to off the ball the other day

I was shocked to learn that there was a player “the bull” that was capped for Ireland before he took up the sport


took it up at 19.


capped for Ireland at 18

mental stuff


I don’t know but Ireland have over 150,000 registered players, Tonga less than 7,000.


record cap holder too i believe… madness.


tag rugby is included in those stats




huh what?


Fuck off and waste someone else’s time


Who is the record cap holder did you say?