Rugby- 2017 and onwards


I’m sure you can figure out what I said.


Wow, I’m embarrassed for you.


Go shit in your hat.



Do you know anything about rugby football in those countries?


That’s more of a reflection on you.


Your integrity as a poster on here has been shot to bits. I cant believe what you’ve just done here.


No tradition in Japan?

Rugby was first played in Japan a century and a half ago and the Union is almost 100 years old. Do you not know anything about Japanese rugby?


Clearly not. Apparently population size is the only tool they use to assess these things. Usa and china must dominate :joy:


Thats why USA are going for their third FIFA World Cup in a row.


You sure that’s not Sumo wrestling? There could be a crossover so can see why you’d be confused.



they are playing the 2nd friendly at AAMI park