Rugby- 2017 and onwards


A red card for that :smile:


I see Conor Murray is going to miss half the season because he went to play the friendlies with oz


Thats the official story, but truth be told, he fell off the back of a lorry in Killmallock singing Sean South with Graeme Mulcahy.


Joke of a pastime


I drew attention to this on Saturday


@myboyblue has to wait until things start trending on twitter before commenting on them


I wait for Gerry T for all matters PRODEDOO.


Gatty’s son Bryn playing out half here for North Harbour in the NPC. An unremarkable chap.


Hes useless. There was fellas lauding him here as an absolute star after he played against the Lions last year.


Card was overturned


Commentators eye.


Connacht are worth a bet at 6/4 this afternoon. They beat Bristol over there in pre season and walloped Wasps as well. Good signing in Kyle godwin in centre will add touch of class. Home advantage and bounce from new coach will see them get off to a good start hopefully


Was a howler from the ref. Was actually more of an offence from the player who came in high on Parisse


Glasgow pretty much at full strength. No aki. Decent enough bet. Actually, I’d forgotten for a second it was at the dog track. I’d have them down as 4/6 given the home advantage. That’s an excellent bet.


Anybody watching the connacht game have any idea about that last connacht penalty?


Player was in front of ball when it was kicked and tried to play it I think but was only half watching on phone


Fucked it away
9 pts up with 20 to go and glasgow a man in the bin. Lost by pt after hitting post with a pen last kick of game

Didnt deserve to win it really tho


Odd game. I fell asleep when they were well up and looked comfortable, and woke up with them a point down and a few mins left. Schoolboy errors on both sides. Connacht should have won, but Glasgow did their damndest to give it to them at the end.



Munster look fluid. Alot more variety to their play and they look better conditioned and Leaner too.
Also may be some depth to squad.

Sweetnam and JJ improved.

What’s this Goggin lad like and where is he from?

But how shit are Cheetahs???


I’d read little in today’s game. The cheetahs were awful. Not much better than an ail side. Munster looked to play more expansively alright but were so dominant it’s hard to judge too much. I played a little with Dan goggin. He’s a good honest lad but will probably fall short. I thought scannell was very good. The news on Murray doesn’t sound great but I was very impressed with Neil Cronin.