Rugby- 2017 and onwards


How bad is it for Murray?


I was told 6 months a few weeks back. I’d ssy schidmt wouldn’t mind if he’s just back for the six nations.


Did I ask you?

You answered nothing


Doesn’t sound good


You are trying to big up munster based on beating a team that would be much above ail standard.


Cheetahs were actually playing two games at the one time. One in limerick and one in the Currie cup.


Nobody is bigging up anyone you twaat

Now toddle off


He is from Limerick. Think he went to Munchins. Decent centre with Young Munster over the last few years




Hes ok. Wont make european 23. Played minor hurling for Limerick i think

Cheetahs got to playoffs last season but lost a few over summer. Pretty shit Id say.


Cipriani outstanding today.
Nice to see him play with the shackles off.


Has he been let out of prison?


He got a 4,000 pound fine, which, believe it or not was suspended. This from the goys at twickers though. I’m not sure what the story is back in oz.
He was excellent today in front of Eddie Jones.



Fucking hell, that’s crazy money to pour into a rugby app.


It’s a nice app but they annoyed a lot of people after they first asking for a one off payment for the app and then moved to a recurring revenue model. It basically just sells info you can get elsewhere but packaged better. Not sure what the long term plan was- maybe they were hoping to move into buying actual games.


Its a good app in fairness. Top service. Definitely worth a tenner a year


Leinster edged out away to the Scarlets. Took the ball wide after doing great work getting into drop goal range and Larmour caught for holding on.


The risks of investing in a niche sport


They didnt deserve to win it…but it was a scandalous decision to give that last pen in fairness