Rugby- 2017 and onwards




Did he not know until he made the film?


Fiji, South Africa, New Zealand, anywhere. The money spends the same.


Stop projecting just because you hate the country you immigrated to. Rugby immigrants to Ireland love it so much that they become more Irish than the Irish themselves.


Is that why bundee caused a bit of friction at connacht with his return to new Zealand bud?


Fair wheels on sean cronin


What time are we on tomorrow?


Was a nice lad played against him plenty of times and was a good man for the lush too. Made the right decision moving to leinster, never looked back.


Yeah he seems like quite a character. Top player


If Wasps can avoid a 30 point defeat here they will be doing well. Have had to make 120 odd tackles there in that half. Facing into the wind now with 14 players for next 10 mins.


The yellow card was a disgrace.


There has been a dozen of those decisions since the start of the season. Big clamp down on it.


Not bad from the only non international in the Leinster squad


Canโ€™t wait until heโ€™s doing that for Ireland.


Cronin very good again there

Edit - Furlong


He is some operator furlong


Wasps are abject but Leinster are a joy to watch. They softened em up for 40 mins and now running them ragged


Leo Cullen is a very old looking 40 year old.


Documentary about how rugby unites the country on BT2 now @chocolatemice.