Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Is this Ryles debut for BT?


I’ve had to nip down to Douglas, keep updates coming.


Earls just scored two quick trys there


He’s wan of our own.


Fairly mismanaged game from Munster - left a point behind needlessly. On top of which, they’ve made the task in France much harder next week with goading behaviour at tries, scrums etc.

Murray a different level.


Higher than the others alright. Showed great bursts of speed at many times.


He was top class


left them for dust


They struggled to coke with him


He was brilliant between the four white lines today.


A big-time charlie



They’ve properly used the can opener on him there. He’s been jackaled.



What’s happened to rugby in Ulster? I’m sure it used to be close to selling out for all Pro12 games a few years back, now even for a game where they could go top of their European group the place isn’t 3/4s full. Clubs up there are going badly too and struggling to field teams at all levels I believe. Has the hijacking of the rugby bandwagon by muldoons turned off the traditional support with hockey now the game of choice?


The oul rape trial wouldn’t have been that good for business you’d imagine


Probably not alright, though I wonder if the details of the night or the IRFU not keeping them on has caused the bigger drop in attendance.
Good win for them anyway tonight and Billy Burns looks like he will get an Irish cap before long. Will be great achievement for the Burns family to have 3 sons capped by 3 different international teams.


Several years of perceived mismanagement, on field performance and the trial.

They still have a great schools system but are nowhere near Leinster in farming the talent.


Attendances plummeting have much to do with how few of the team are actually from the province you reckon? 5 of the 15 tonight have come through the Ulster system. Hard to see how that will be reversed anytime soon too with so many coming out of the Leinster system.


Try awarded to Castres there although no clear view of the ball being grounded. Castres are being absolutely filthy. A red card a good bet in this match.