Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Someone on here pointed out at the time, that munsters stoking and goading of the French in the first leg may come back to haunt them.
“Quinny” is being the complete one eyed hypocrite he’s paid to be I suppose.
Sounds like a dinger of a game. Is there anyway to watch it back? Cc @Copper_pipe


It was an absolutely appalling game. Don’t waste your time.


Thank you


Seems like Munster have really taken over your affections from Man U. Not a dicky bird about yday #onlysingwhenyourwinning


From any perspective going, Barnes was deplorable.


Thought he had a fine game myself.


You’d be simple that way, pal.


It was Carvery what cost us that game.


Of course but Rules are Rules. :man_shrugging:


Did you watch it? :smile:


This is the same lad who eye gouged some Leinster lad a few years ago, yes?


Slide tackles aren’t rugby mate


Let’s not go down the Galway route of blaming refs - We had our chances to win and we didnt take them.


Still sitting pretty at the top of the table for Christmas. I’d have taken that at the start of the contest. #braveandfaithful


I said it last week. I thought Munster and their captain lost the run of themselves needlessly last week playing up to the Thomond crowd. It was stupid and unnecessary and contributed to both their failure to get the bonus and the response from Castres this week. It’s very hard to take the whining seriously when they were celebrating incidents last week like Scannell goading the Castre players by pointing at the scoreboard etc.

Yes, Castres were dirty but the Munster teams of old would be appalled that they could be rollled like that. For fucks sake, incidents like Carbery bring stood over or the ball being wrestled off a prone Munster player aren’t examples of egregious thuggishness - they’re the sort of edge Munster used to bring themselves to dominate the opposition.


Jackman is no cunt. Fair play to any coach who goes abroad or to lower levels to learn their trade. Your hatred of particular folk for no reason is a bit weird but enjoyable.


You’ve really jackaled me there.


As per the article above Quinlan says he only eye gouged Leo Cullen for 0.4 seconds.



One of the good guys who has been blackguarded by the ‘footsoldiers’. Disgusting behaviour in truth. Best of luck to him.