Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Paddy Jackson being linked with a move to London Oirish.


He’ll be at Connacht in 2 years.


Let that be a warning to the rest of the them


Sale Sharks I reckon still a runner.


Meh, he had his chance to come to Connacht last month and chickened out.



What does limerick need defending from?
Is the light artillery regiment standing straighter up to fight this morning?


Sweet Jesus. If the “defence forces” / army need a molly coddled professional rubby player to come in and motivate them, things are bad.
Surely it should be the other way around, with a soldier motivating a sports team telling them how teamwork is important in the trenches when you’re under fire from a hail of bullets and mortars and jet fighters screaming overhead. Oh wait…
Maybe Conor told them something about “fronting up”, and a funny story about the Claw on the piss shitting his pants in some former colony.


Taught them the “scrambled d” cc @myboyblue


Mind you, any county with a land border with Cark needs a strong defence force.


Munster in total control here


-20.5 a bet?


Danny fucking Cipriani, like, where the fuck would you be going?


I’d love a cut of Leinster in the 1/4s


Didn’t Munster rattle Sexton to shit recently?


Id say Munster will put up 40


Some defence from Munster


Okay they got over but 35 phases… :clap:


Are you one of these Kilkenny lads that support Munster mate?


You ok mate? You’re more testy than normal of late. @locke is a corkman