Rugby- 2017 and onwards


He’s a flake when it comes to the big occasion, always has been, always will be. Couldn’t even keep it fed into Kelly Brook ffs.


Carbery is a Laoisman at heart.


Is Bob Casey involved in the Gloucester set up?


You could have out Dan Carter out there tonight he wouldnt have made a difference behind that pack

The english league is such a pile of bollox


Has Humpries been at the drink, he has a bit of Cloughie head on him there.


Cipriani isn’t officer class.


I was just thinking that. Looks rough.


No why?

He was at London irish but is back in Ireland now in some top end recruitment gig.

Not thinking of Humphreys no?


Munster with a fully fit & healthy squad are going to be a hard nut to crack.


Nah, lad sat in Gloucester hut looked similar I thought is all.


Few ahead of em but moving in right direction


Playing a nice game currently, mixing it up

Chance of finishing with a good total in the group now I presume & a handier draw


He’s aging fierce badly.


Good win alright. Gloucester weren’t up too much but Munster put them away.

Will need to beat Exeter next week to get a home quarter-final I’d imagine. That should be some game.


A fuck it. I enjoyed that so I did.


Thank you


They will bate Exeter handy. They are out of it


Ulster 6/4 to score more than 2 tries tomorrow


We’ll unite the GGA crowd behind the rubby


If Exeter get a BP tomorrow they’re 4 points behind Munster heading to Thomond. Not sure what takes precedence if they beat Munster but I think it’s the results between the two teams. Unlikely they could do that but they’re the sort of team that’d try.