Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Smithers brief dalliance as a rugby man appears to have come to an end. Looks like he’s back slumming it again with the scummy soccer crowd.


Lot of Spurs fans in the English soccer crowd that night.


Just a question mate


What sort of update were you expecting? I thought the criminal justice process in that case concluded well over 15 years ago.


Just want all our ducks in a row in case the scummy soccer crowd bring it up


Owen Farrells mother is an O’Loughlin, I’d say he has plenty of Irish on both sides. The Irish diaspora tended to play rugby league a lot more as it was a community who welcomed outsiders and the game itself suited the Irish who had played skillful native games.


So that would verify my point that the Irish diaspora in the UK never really got involved in rugby.


And of course players like Jim Staples and Simon Geoghegan, lads born and reared in London but who represented Ireland with distinction similar to Townsend, Morris etc in soccer though obviously without the same level of international success.


Townsend, Morris etc is a much longer list. I’m just comparing and contrasting, association football seems to have been infinitely more popular with the Irish diaspora in the UK than rugby union.


Fingal’s Kyran Bracken .


Two fine clampings you’ve handed down there.



The numbers don’t stack up.


Commentators eye


Lorenzo Bruno Nero Dallaglio has an Italian father and an Irish mother. I imagine that’s a family background that @Cicero_Dandi could identify strongly with.


I know him quite well.
A thorough gentleman.


Do you know Mikey from the vulcan in Gorton?


I dont, but ill know a lad that does.


If he owes him a few bob he is fucked


Ill let him know.
Manchester has a world class supply of thuggery gangstery wankers.


Does Edward O’Donovan Crean count? A British Lion but never actually capped for his native England. That was the lot of Liverpool players back in the early 20th century when it came to selection for the national side. An anti North of England bias.