Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Boycott up in the middle of the night googling English rubby teams from 100 years ago to try to respond to Dandi’s point.

You’d have to say Dandi’s inside his head.


Maybe stick to your areas of expertise like Glasgow Celtic and Scotland soccer. Edward O’Donovan Crean a well known figure in the early history of the British Lions.


Good morning crankypants.


We just didn’t get enough go forward ball.

Played too much rugby in our own half.

My team for Edinburgh

P Jackson
Donnacha Ryan
James Ryan
Sean O’Brien

A nice blend of piano players and piano lifters.


To be fair, I’d have given that post by @GeoffreyBoycott an informative rating if such a thing still existed.


Geoff .

Would Mike Slemen be the last rugby union international from a Liverpool area club .


Possibly. Mike Slemen also a Roman Catholic of Irish extraction.

Ben Kay was a Liverpudlian but not playing for a Liverpool club when capped.


Austin Healey is from Wallasey at the top of the Wirral peninsula and from a Roman Catholic background. As is typical for people of Roman Catholic backgrounds on Merseyside, he’s a Liverpool supporter.


There have been a few instances of players capped for the British Lions before their national team. Dickie Jeeps in South Africa in 1955 and Derek Quinnell in New Zealand in 1971 cases in point. Both of those went on to win many caps for their national team. I doubt there’s many British Lions who suffered the fate of Edward O’Donovan Crean, never to be capped for their national team.


When John Bentley played for the Loins in 1997, I think he hadn’t played for England since returning from Rugby League?

He had played at least once for England before he switched to League, however - in the inaugural test match for the Millennium Trophy at Lansdowne Road in April 1988.


@GeoffreyBoycott disappointed in how badly the Irish rugby team had played decided to call it a day and went to bed early last night,
He spent the next 5 hours tossing and turning and unable to settle, suddenly at 3 in the morning he let a roar and told his wife he couldn’t take it anymore and ran out of the room.

When she followed him downstairs to see if he was ok, she saw him frantically searching on wikipedia

@Cicero_Dandi beat you on the internet again jeff? Havent we spoken about this before?”


Smithers at his finest here.


The sliver haired kiwi/aussie bloke was very critical of irelands back 3 without ever mentioning the elephant in the room on virgin media coverage yesterday. Rog and horgan were frantically looking for positives.


Smithers, if you had taken the care to check the audit trail, you’d have noticed that my early morning post was directed to my fellow British Lions aficionado @Sidney (and not @Cicero_Dandi) on British Lions related business. I believe its just over a year now that you are a rugby man, so you probably haven’t been through the experience of a British Lions tour yet as a rugby man. How are you bearing up after yesterday? This is a not an experience you’re all that familiar with after 18 wins from the previous 19 test matches.


i was on the last tour you headcase


In New Zealand in 2017? We should have met up for a Steinlager.


What was the elephant in the room?


The fact that an international standard full back was watching on tv while henshaw was getting ripped a part. I havent heard it mentioned once



I love you @mickee321 but lay off the tryhard racism.