Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Dont tell me the entire board dosent think the same here.
The site of itoje crushing that little bollix was incredibly symbolic from an imperialist perspective
. “Look at our boy walking all over little paddy in his potatoe patch”,etc

Six Nations 2019

It was a very dominant collision alright. You just don’t need the quasi-colonial racism bit. It was a lovely post without it.


You’re right .
Its just that the original British lions tours to the extremities of the empire did indeed foster this type of spirit and sometimes i find to write an effective post you have to imagine yourself in their place and i found myself thinking like prince philip for a bit there. You have to really feel it at times…i felt it there

Ill revert to “team of us mode” now
Apologies to the forum


Itoje and England certainly carried out a most effective civilising mission on the potato pickers yesterday.


Mickee will win this one with “some of my best wives are african”


obviously people are uncomfortable with the questions been asked but im thinking would that great pioneer and visionary Cecil Rhodes who inspired the very concept of the British Lions see Keith Earls as the Irish version of Itoge?
the clash between the two of them was most symbolic for many reasons and one cannot whitewash away how players from their backgrounds are perceived in both established rugby circles.
obviously i apologise for any unintended offense caused by my comment but in the fullness of the occasion i am sure those who are most vested in the sport appreciate the comparison.
The crushing victory for Itoge for me symbolised how John Bull had come in here with a his arsenal from the colonies and put Paddy’s rotweiler flat on his hole…

@Rocko - feel free to delete, etc as im sure that’s a bit much for the more sanitisd amoungst us


The English rugby supporter is one of the best class of sports follower you can get, everyone is shaking my hand this morning, offering heartfelt commiserations, they are are absolutely delighted to have upset the potential world champions in Dublin after years of heartache. It was an unreal tactical performance from Eddie Jones’s side


Yes I met a fellow from Coutts bank, the Queens private bankers after the match. Absolutely top class chap.


the “irish” rugby fan has evolved from a most informed individual to an absolute embarrassment.
In my youth you always respected the rugby public - decent wealthy folk who followed Cork Con and then the rest of the team was dominated from Dublin clubs such as Old Wesley, Wanderers and Lansdwone along with a few Protestants who you would be suspicous about as their team played in grounds such as Rifle Park in Balymena i think.
we never professed to be part of this as it was not something we were brought up with but we respected it from afar and enjoyed the spectacle when it took place.
The sport is now followed by utter buffoons and women , again this came into being about 18 years ago and reached its zenith in the celtic tiger days as folk in their mid 20’s tried to adopt an identity with this.
As i say i have no problem with rugby as a sport - but those who follow it in this country today have seen me evolve from having a passing interest into how “ireland” were doing in the 5 nations to really wanting to see them loose- that’s wrong


Itoje is of Nigerian extraction. That’s a long way from Cecil Rhodes old stomping ground of Rhodesia. The British Lions have never toured West Africa.


Thats a belter of a post


Post of the year wrapped up before the Daffodils have even bloomed


You left complete wanker out


Say what you like ,those rugby lads are hardy hardy men.
There were 40 odd hardy bastards playing, and that, is fact.


Quinnie singled out Austin Healey for special mention in his pre match speech in a joke that also involved Munster, Leicester, Dean Richards and Nigel Owens.


Very much the likes of @Bandage when he came out of Stokes Place.


I was always in the IFSC battalion and so forensically audited financial institutions such as Anglo Irish Bank, Irish Life and Irish Nationwide in the early-mid 2000s.


I bet it wasn’t as funny as a fictional anecdote I once told on this forum involving Munster, Leicester and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


I’d have a pound to a penny it was.


You might, but those aren’t legal tender anymore. The joke’s on you.