Rugby- 2017 and onwards


they may be soon enough


Hi Hermann


Did he mention the incident on the rugby bus when austin was at school acting the hardchaw with some young lad?


Lads just spit the anecdotes out please.



Austin must have been lying when he appeared on Sky’s Soccer AM on March 12th, 2005 and said he was a Liverpool suppporter.

Or else he’s lying now.

Or perhaps he supports both?

A bit like how Celtic are my favourite team in the Scottish league, but Rangers under Steven Gerrard are my second favourite team in that league.


Four changes for the Scotch. Blair Kinghorn must be wondering what else he could have done.


Is Richie Gray still on the go?




Interesting changes … looks like they are going to replicate what England did last week and get quickly off the line and up in Ireland’s grill. … Let the Spuds box kick all day — we’ll handle them in the middle.


Is he? Hes about 5th choice at best.


Blair Kinghorn! That’s the ultimate proddy jocko name.


Interesting :thinking:


Joe really trying to make it look like he is just using the 6 nations to try things out after last week’s hiding.


Scotland still missing their Number 1 groundhog, Hamish Watson. His jackaling skills a big loss for them.


France maintain their schizo selection policy. England will hockey them.


Ten changes for the Welsh vs Italy



The 6 Nations is only the League this year.


Can’t believe Huget, Vahaamahina, and Lopez are getting another chance.