Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Your mate Beaker is in though


He’s a good un.



The finishers fucked Ireland up the last time.


Big Dev gone for the remainder of the Six Nations


Piss in the Laundry Basket is going to London Irish after the World Cup.


Jayden Hayward of the Lago di Bracciano Haywards.


Well, i was in a decentish esotablishment in Edinburgh last night for the dinner. There were a good few irish fans about. I went in for an oul slash ,and was washing my hands, when a lawnster man, wearing a paisley shirt of all things, emerged from a cubicle after logging on. He advanced to the basin , ran a tiny sprinkle water over his hands, used it to adjust his hair in the mirror , and went back to his table to resume eating.
You wouldnt get it in connacht.


Did you talk to him about Sale Sharks prospects for the rest of the season?




Were you ever in the Temple pub in Manchester ?


Have a great day mate.


Thank Gawd there were no riff raff around.





It’s a piss easy climb in fairness. I did it on Monday November 13th, 2017 while I had a few hours to kill waiting for my connecting flight on a trip between Copenhagen and Dublin. Lovely view of Easter Road stadium. You dropped your lighter in the crevace below you, by the way.




Jesus your tickets are a bit shit @flattythehurdler


Ah lovely :clap:


The problem with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots.