Rugby- 2017 and onwards


The talent is honrale


Edinburgh is a fantastic city.


It’s a great place to watch sport.

Pity big soccer games don’t get more of a run there.


Hopefully we steady the ship today, gents.

I still cant help but feel that Henshaw has been thrown to the wolves this week and i’m worried that a little resentment might set in among the players


Hes injured.


Of course he is.




Another poor refereeing decision

The scotch look decent, they’re giving us a worse chasing than England did so far


The Scotch are some men for shooting themselves in the foot in sport


The Scotch back three :smile:


Jesus that was abysmal from the Scotch.


Murray sniffed out the try line there.


Hostile atmosphere in Murrayfield for the kicker Sexton.

He folds under it.


He should’ve gone under the posts, 2 points gone


Ireland have been shocking, fluke of a try aside


That’s a good try. The Scotch are a rabble altogether so far


Stocktake has unreal speed

They’ve been looking a bit better in any case, Young Munsters Farrell looks decent


Some amount of basic errors on both sides


Stock dale has incredible straight line speed. Proper test game this.


Its been shocking