Rugby- 2017 and onwards


“Showed character”


Soccer football is definitely more entertaining but Gaelic football is currently around the same level alright. For an 80 minute game you are looking at about 180 seconds of excitement in a game. We are blessed with “the hurling”.



As in munster?


Yep. It’s straightforward down here.

The goys in other parts of the country need to drum up excitement with the various codes of football as appropriate. That’s their battle.


The gga has failed hurling then?


… Flesh that one out for me there…


You say hurling is an amazing game to play and watch yet in 125 years it hasn’t spread outside of munster

Why is that


I’m not sure I care mate. I’m from Munster.




In fairness the pundits on tv admitted that Ireland were boring to watch today.


Ireland have been boring to watch for as long as I can remember. We have always been methodical rather than mercurial.


Munster never had a empire and never had a rapacious business network the world over maybe ?


There is a distinct lack of skill and ability outside the province.


Has “calling the line outs” always been a thing in rubby or some new makey uppy fad like dominant tackles?


No . That nearly predates William Webb Ellis


In for the bah in your day?



Schmidt won’t even give lads a run against fucking Italy, what a horribly negative cunt :smile:


He’s no John Kiely that’s for sure.