Rugby- 2017 and onwards


Thank fuck super rugby is back


Unbelievable skill.


How come France are in white shirts?


The IRFU will be watching this.






I love the scotch rugby team. Great team of tryers even when heavily outgunned.


Great banter


The Welchies are showing how it’s done here




Bad result for the women losing to Italy.


No, they ended up winning I think.


Dewi Morris was playing for Liverpool St. Helens when he won his first few caps.



I’m conscious of clogging up the degen thread with random rugby talk.

I wonder if the Parker thing is a function of their decision making. ie they barely ever go for penalty kicks and many of their tries come from deep so are more likely to be under posts. Idle speculation.

Damien Mackenzie looked totally lost last week and this. He’s quickly becoming a Quade Cooper type. As likely to do something good as something bad. A luxury for the ABs world Cup squad. I’d be surprised if he made the plane.


As shit as the Chiefs have been, this is a remarkable result from a team that don’t have a coach, don’t have 30+ of their better players. Sharks result in Singapore is looking better and better. And they were full value for that result.

Waratahs and Chiefs look like they treated their matches with Sunwolves as a formality. Sharks were all business.

Michael Little is a lovely player.


Ball tickling?? WTF?


Thinly veiled Sexton is a pain in the hole.


Thinly veiled don’t mind that cunt he’s always at it


7 of this season’s 14 succesful kicks are from pens. Small sample alright. Might be something in it but re Parker specifically iv been watching him for good few years in ITM and he is outstanding kicker.

Huge benefit to an average side keep them ticking over


Why do the Queensland Reds wear purple?