Rugby- 2017 and onwards


How will this work during Lions tours? I know they mentioned no relegation. Will New Zealand B have to play in the summer series while the A team play the Lions?


That fat hooker lad with the choppy running style who’s made 67 appearances for Ireland as a sub and his 1st.real cap in the 6 nations last week has apparently been relegated to 4th.choice for this weekends joust with Frogland.

I’ve remembered his name now , Sean Cronin. Wonder who’s balls did he not/tickle.


Hes not foreign enough for Schmidt.


The ball tickling continues.


replaced by a south african


I’ve gone to the bother of looking this up and you’re indeed correct.

Haven’t we enough fat fuckers from the various academies of our own who can fling an oval object at a mate in a straight line. It can’t be that hard: beanpole X getting a hoist from portly Y - you aim the missile and pitch…simples.

According to Wikipedia this Herring gimp " hales " from S’ifrica. Could a member of the grammar police confirm for me that this is bullshit. Hails I would have gone for.




Six Nations 2019



Good to see the RFU still using the term “finishers”


Did the Ireland underage team win the 6 nations tonight?



Ye looked like it I was in a bar so couldnt hear. Fair play




Fucking Quinn Roux.


I suspect it was because the scrum reversed alarmingly in the last 15 mins once the Munster front row were brought on.


The mighty Quinn is the answer to that I’m sure :rollseyes:



Can you please clarify which of the irish players went to fee paying schools