Ruh Roh, another Ulster rugby player accused of rape


you want me to locate an original ulster team sheet and scan it up even though all articles say he was an Ulster rugby superstar

Sweep Sweep

There must have been some serious discussions on why they were all such legends on the long bus journey back to Belfast after them 2 games. Rugby has certainly changed, once upon a time when one stated that a number of youth players would go on to become household names due to their appearances in court it meant something entirely different.






If the sailing boys tied you up, you’d stay tied up


The fact he went on a lads holiday and stayed in Magaluf sums up that fella.


Cheers mate. Informative. Didnt realise it was underage was all he had played. Assumed based on @The_Selfish_Giant comments he was a first team regular. Shameful stuff from the young man and I hope he gets punished appropriately

Would wonder why @The_Selfish_Giant was so hesitant to share that link with me??


It’s odd you were being so defensive? Skeletons in the closet?


Bizarre behaviour

You would have thought he would have had fire fighting processes in place after last time.


Sweep sweep


No it was fairly clear he was not a first team regular, the absence of an army of weirdos on here trying to undermine the complainant was the clear giveaway.




Defensive? I condemned the crime without reservation. I sought clarity around his links with ulster rugby which are tenous. I despise pretty much all nordies tbh so its no skin off my nose when another of them shows their true colours


Sweep sweep


Sweep, sweep.


Tweedledum and Tweedledee hopping like sausages in a pan with barely an ounce of effort. Fasnicating :man_shrugging:


What do you mean?