Sacrifices you will make if Ireland will qualify for Euro 2012

I will stop posting negatively about Glasgow Celtic.

I will stop posting negatively about TASE.

I will post complimentary comments about Clonard GAA Club on occasion.

I have a shit load of holidays to take.
By the time next June comes around I’ll have 8 weeks or so built up.


I thought KIB was going to say only 644 days to go or something

I couldn’t give a fuck if Ireland qualify or not.

If we’re talking real sacrifices i am strongly considering blowing off plans to travel half way across the world to visit a close relative in the summer and instead go to Poland with the green army…

I will stop being inane and boring

I will stop holding my tongue when confronted by head boy mac and will let the cunt have it with both barrels if we qualify

I’m willing to lay off the poster known as caoimhaoin. I realise I have been partly to blame for the walls that have grown up between us over time, after a famous start when we used to PM each other regularly about things. I can’t recall how it has come to this, but I think we could easily have been mates had things not turned the way they did. For that reason, I am more than willing to reach out to the poster known as caoimhaoin and offer the hand of friendship. Life is short mate, what you reckon?

Go fuck yourself

You better hope Ireland don’t qualify

I am gunning for you fuckface :guns:

Bring it on you inbred hick :guns:

I won’t be making any sacrifices. In fact I might just develop a few vices.

Ah what the hell I might ritually slaughter one of the chickens in the back yard.

You’re a very odd man.


I must say that I laughed a lot that.

Jesus if this was to come to pass Id nearly cheer for the footballers myself.

I will refrain from getting Mrs. RTT pregnant until after the tournament .


I will watch an Ireland match.