Scottish Cup Competitions

Tinternet connection is a bit slow so I can’t follow stream. Find it odd that Ljunberg hasn’t featured more.

You using the bet 365 stream mate?

Ah lovely.

Front two are combining very well again today.

Have you tried the bet365 one?

Are Wilson and Kayal the only two outfield members of our first team squad that haven’t scored for us yet?

Not defending brilliantly here. Not that it’s a worry today really but we’ve made some very good blocks that maybe distract a bit from the fact that we’ve been cut open a couple of times.

The scoreline obviously has an effect there, as does the makeshift backline.


Of those who have started a game - probably actually.

What an idiot Derek Young is. Stokesy BOOM!

7 in 5 for Stokes.

Are you watching Giovanni?

Christ, 4-0 now. Stokes from the spot. Derek Young, when standing in a defensive wall, jumped up and palmed the freekick away with his hand to concede the penalty. They’re all over the place. Not sure if we should ease off what with playing them on Tuesday night or whether we should really pummel them to demoralise the fuck out of them.

No the other two.May I use your login details please?Bet 365 won’t let me watch as don’t have funds in account.

Totti, I read something a few weeks back about us having had 17 different goalscorers so far this season. Big Dan and now Commons have since scored so it’s quite a spread all right.

I’m empty too.

Hooper is a quality front man. He has strength, pace, touch. He can hold it up well, drop off the front or threaten in behind. We’ll be in great shape if we can keep him fit for the rest of the season.

Izzy, Kayal and Hooper to be replaced by Juarez, Ljungberg and McCourt at around the 65 minute mark please.

Well Juarez is coming on anyway.

We’re lacking aerial presence without Majstorovic but that was a very soft goal to concede. Free header only 6 yards out. Mark Wilson looked to be caught underneath it a bit.

Slack goal to give away. Too casual by Izzy in giving the freekick away and then poor marking to allow him the header. We’ve just gone off the boil here, which is kind of understandable, but we need to see it out professionally all the same. I presume Rogne is off purely because he’s the only fit recognised centre back and we’re not taking any risks with him.

I’m guessing that’s the case alright Bandage. No point taking a risk with him. No harm to keep the ball for a few minutes now and take the sting out of them a bit.

McCourt for Kayal. I still think these cunts will give us plenty of it at Pittodrie during the week. Not sure what Brown was thinking with his 3 at the back and wing backs formation at the start but they’re more solid now in their 4-4-2, albeit Celtic have dropped off. We’ll need to start quickly and impose ourselves on them. I’d be getting Hooper off now too.