Scrawled on the jacks wall

“Pray for Twink” (This has become very popular around town lately)

“Arts degree please take one” (This was mildly amusing 20 years ago, it still seems to be all the rage)

“I’d rather a bottle full in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy”

“Joke? The joke is in your hand mate”

“Up Limerick”

“Just another brick in the wall”

Scrawled on a brick in the wall of the old upstairs jacks in Whelans

“Fight Like Apes - you’d see better in Eamon Doran’s on a Tuesday night”

“stand closer, it’s not as long as you think” scribbled on the wall behind a unisex jacks in a restaurant.

Could you read that from three feet away mate?

On the wall of a gents in Richmond, VA:

“I fucked your mother!”

A reply was scrawled in a different colour/handwriting:

“Go home Dad, you’re drunk…”