Serie A 2020/21

2 or 3 signings can change a whole team. Bruno Fernandes completely reinvented man united.

I heard somewhere Ronaldo has scored more champions league knock out goals than every other player has scored champions league goals except for messi and Raul. Utterly sensational.

Yes, and at 35 they’re completely reliant on him. Juve aren’t the type to just go out and sign 2 or 3 top class players in one window

Their midfield needs an overhaul.

Their defence is in good stead, they have Dybala up top too who is a star talent but trying to fit him in with Ronaldo is tough. He had a good seasons this year though after a tough start.

I expect Inter will win the title next season if Conte stays on but I have been underwhelmed with them this season.

Napoli should also be watched next year, they are some making big statements in the transfer market.

Strong speculation Pirlo is to be unveiled as the new coach.

A very risky move.

Fabrizio has it

Here we go


Gigi should have gotten it. Pirlo too laid back for me

Not sure Poch would have taken the step down to the Italian league anyway…

Gigi is giving it another year I think.

The only thing that seems to matter for Juventus now is winning a European Cup. Conte doesn’t look a great option in that regard. Dreadful record in European competitions as a manager.

Pirlo is a mad choice. Apparently he was only made manager of the youth team ten days ago and that is the only experience he has of managing. He’ll bring a touch of class to the sideline no doubt

He could make a great manager. Never relied on physical attributes, just his knowledge of the game and the extra yard in his head.

He could or he could be completely shit

He will need two very hard working selfless managers either side of him to excel*

*quip shamelessly robbed off twitter

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I know nothing about him but I’d take him over Pochettino who’s style of football is effective but fairly rudimentary and overly reliant on hard running. I’d expect Pirlo’s team to be a fine cerebral footballing team which Juve have the players for

I’ll predict Juventus to win this.

I expect Napoli to go well this year.

Osimhen is going to be the signing of the season.

Any idea why Domenico Berardi doesn’t get another shot at a bigger club

He’s a complete wanker apparently.

14 of the Genoa squad have tested positive for Covid after the game with Napoli (they lost 6-0).

Said to be 8-10 players with the rest being backroom team members.