Setanta now- srfc fans standing up for their rights

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On a serious note i would hope that the FAI will be reviewing video footage of that match and in particular the heavy handed police response to the Rovers fans trying to get behind their team. A heavy fine for Dundalk and awarding of the match to Shamrock Rovers as a minimum and possibly expulsion from the league this season for Dundalk is what needs to be done now. We have to get this nasty undercurrent of brutality and thuggery out of our game and if the FAI take these steps it would send out the right message to other clubs who wish to behave in an equally despicable way as Dundalk…

the FAI will need to have strong words with the dundalk stewards- the stewards will need to learn from their mistakes & become more customer facing in the future

Agreed. They need new stewards and not the savages that were on show tonight.


if that fat cunt Cian Healy or Sir Paul-ine o Connell the milk drinking homo showed half the conviction of the Rovers lads then maybe we would’nt have had that international embarrassment caused by that rogby farce at the weekend

What was the final score again?

bang on there

Where can I see footage? Scenes like this bring back all the terrible memories of my own brush with football hooligans.

rovers fans 3- dundalk stewards 1

NCC, I was up near RAF Biggin Hill in Phibsboro today and there seemed to be alot of cheering and stuff, was there a game on there?

it takes two to tango mate- i carried out a internal investigation & have come to the conclusion that the person that skulled you with the can was more sinned against than sinning

they got a last minute goal :angry:

Is this the time you were hit with the can of Dutch Gold?

yes Dunph. But i don’t like to go on about it.

todays thread is the 995th time out of 14300 posts you have posted about it

let it go mate

Was there a game going on at the time of this disgraceful attack on the Gardaí? If so what was the score in the association football game?

Rovers fans 1 the face of adversity 0

Rovers fans 2- overzealous policng 0

Please leave the answering of the above question to someone with a basic knowledge of something more than scratching ones own hole. Do not have me tell you again.

whats up your ass