Setanta Sports News

Starts this week (Thursday I think). Anyone know if it will be on Sky and NTL (UPC) platforms? Nice to have an alternative to Sky’s channel which just ignores events it doesn’t have the rights to i.e. SPL

They’re really lacking match footage to pad up their programme. Watched the last 20 minutes in the corner of my screen and they’ve had some hairy moments - day 1 so you expect problems I expect but they have this idea called “fan correspondents” and they rang the Liverpool guy there who was awful. One word answers and just sounded like a gobshite.

They went for Sky’s idea of a male and female presenter but they forgot to pick a hot bird.

There’s no place whatsoever for women in sport. But if you’re going to be politically correct and include them then they should be far better looking than that yoke above. I’m just having a look at Setanta Sports News now and the bird on at the moment is quite decent. She’s no Georgie Thompson or Vicky Gomarsall though.

Is it part of the Setanta Sports package? or free like sky sports news is on NTL?

Both at the moment but I think it’s only on the ntl package for a trial period which they’re hoping will entice people to get the full package once this period ends.

Hence it’s under ‘Engineering Test’ on channel 412 :emm: :emm:

I think it will remain free - not 100% sure though but that’s their strategy for Virgin in the UK anyway.

It should be on for you. It was on Engineering Test yesterday for me but now it’s working fine. I do have the Setanta package though so that might be it.