SHANNONSIDER** is best known as a long time poster on rival site afr. SHANNONSIDER** indeed played a vital part in the downfall of afr himself, Mr Liam Cahill. Cahill has been hounded out of his own site and has vowed to never post again on afr. SHANNONSIDER** had clocked up a mammoth 8,000+ posts in his time on afr, and was widely respected as a funny and informative poster.
SHANNONSIDER** counts Billy Keane among his enemies.
SHANNONSIDER** is an avid Bohs fan.

SHANNONSIDER** is also an expert on limousin cattle and has collected a catalogue of stories and yarns on them, some people refer to him as the Eddie Lenihan of limousin cattle.

SHANNONSIDER** is considered one of the internets foremost authorities on gambling issues, particularly in realation to greyhound racing and coursing.

An avid historian he is known to make frequent references to the Irish War of Independence.

SHANNONSIDER** in his prime was known as the Henry Shefflin of Junior Hurling and produced moments of Champagne Hurling regularly

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