Shoite Books

Finished Maradonas autobiography (El Diego) lately and was really looking forward to it after reading an excerpt from it in The Sunday Times earlier in the year. In the end i just wanted to be at the end so i wouldnt have to read any more of his waffling.

He comes across as being unbelieveably full of himself (maybe hard not to do when he was arguably the greatest) and can do no wrong, he blames others consistently for his failures (USA 94, drugs etc etc). He was always in the right and everybody else was always wrong.

He mentions drugs (non-sporting drugs) about 3 times himself. Twice when he says he was arrested, the editiors had to put in a footnote saying he was arrested for possession of cocaine.

He complains a few times about the sacrifices he put in, in helping Napoli win the Scudetta and Argentina play in qualifiers by playing 3 matches in 10 days and all the travelling he had to do, but then says that he had to rush to the airport in his Ferrari and it was really tough!!!

He mentions the Mafia once. He never mentions other women.

All in all, a waste of ink and a waste of a fiver.