Should the FAI buy Dalymount again

As bohs are all but dead & Shels are fucked too- is it time for the FAI to come to Bohs rescue & buy the stadium again- obviously dont sell it back to them this time though

it means the 2 clubs will be saved & pigsboro will be saved


There are arguements both for and against the FAI buying back Dalymount Park.


thats very true

How are the FAI’s books these days?

niot sure- are they struggling to pay up for lansdowne?

I couldnt imagine them being too financially solvent to be honest. They’ve never struck me as a well run organisation or anything?

According to one newspaper report last week they haven’t sold a single 10 year ticket in the latest push to sell them and at 12k for a seat in the upper davin I’m not surprised!!


maybe not too well run on the corporate side of things but very well run in terms of playing numbers

That is very true, the grass roots is strong for soccer, through no fault of the top table.

The FAI are potless and anyway what do they want Dalyer for? They will have Landsdowne and access to Tallaght. When they wouldn’t dig out Rovers for 20 years they’ll hardly just dig out FC Biggles. :wink:

they bought it for them before though- they have history here

If it was 5 years ago, I’d say John O’Donoghue would have bought it for them if he’d been given a few pints in the club bar, but now with the country skint and the FAI skint it just won’t be a runner. How would they finance it for a start?

bohs go bankrupt-the fai get it at a knock down price

Well it’s the banks they’ll be buying it off alright, what was yer man giving them? €30 million? Would they get €10 million for it now? The banks will do a deal but I doubt it’ll be with the FAI. Bohs will be left with nothing as they’ve been spending on the never-never for years. I assume Harristown is dead in the water now?

yeah,the FAI need to do something radical to save our brit loving rovals im afraid

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