Sign in if you think Pistorius has committed a mortal sin

Signing in, all south africans and aussies are guilty by birth

Signing in.


In which religion and under which god?

He’s a steroid taking jumped up murdering scumbag and he should be hung, drawn and quartered for what he did to that woman.

He’s already been partly quartered, or eighted might be more appropriate perhaps.


Signing in… The guilty blade running bastard… I pity the fool that can’t stand on his own two feet!

Signing in… . I pity the fool that can’t stand on his own two feet![/quote]

Me too. This is a much cooler look.

[quote=“Kinvara’s Passion, post: 740180, member: 686”]Signing in.

He is not a Sinner.

He was born with original shins, but they disappeared.

Let he who is without shin cast the first stone.

Ah come on that’s just lame

Don’t have a calf, mate.

Granted bail. I reckon he’ll leg it.

Pistorious has completely wrong-footed the prosecution here.

He has nutmegged them beautifully. I thought he hadn’t a leg to stand on when the story broke but he is running rings around the cunts. Any more pussyfooting around from the prosecution and he will skip away a free man.


Wrong thread