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Baker, Nick, Odell, Jarvis and David - We are Cleveland.



We’ll give Kareem a breather for 6-8 games and have him fresh for January - WOW!

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Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks

Cleveland born bead and branded. Hon my beloved Browns


Today is one of the best days of my life.

I like family guy but the Cleveland show thing was just awful.


Signing in. Get on this bandwagon early

Would be great to see them finally have success again. It’s all set up for them to have it now, hopefully they do


The greatest show on earth.

Shameless bandwagoning here

Dead giveaway …

It’s times like that that I am glad to have gotten on the Baker Mayfield hype train at the very beginning.

Going to be a fun year for the Browns and my beloved Bake. Vernon and Richardson will make a difference on defence too.

In. One of the great old franchises of the NFL.

We’ve been entwined with the city since the 1830’s.

Never met anyone who has been there? Anyone ever been? Nice? I’d love to visit the cities that aren’t the classic tourist spots, like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Portland etc. They could be kips!

I haven’t been but a good buddy of mine has and he said both Cleveland and Cincinnati are shitholes