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Once again exposing how easy this silly game is to play :clap:

There wont’t be a cow milked in The Vatican tonight

I saw the last few minutes of this dramatic encounter. That repeated and concerted period of pushing was very nervewracking. Tremendous stuff.

A great day for Mick Wallace. :clap:


Mick and Ming before the match today

It would appear they need to apply pyrotechnics and smoke to hide the fact that what’s going on in Cardiff right now isn’t entertainment.

Who died and made Phil Coulter, Thomas Moore?

Rugby, the game that gave us ‘Oireland’s Call’ :rolleyes:

Have you taken the opportunity to record your rugby roar yet SS?

Great win for Italy but this has been coming a while, they are improving every year. They were 18-6 down at one stage i see, they must have been some price in-running? What price were they before the match begin does anyone know?

See when Wales scored the penalty to bring it back to 9-10 and it cut to a shot of the crowd and there was a beaming chap in an Irish jersey applauding the kick. That’s the kind of fucking dickhead you’re dealing with.

Italy best priced 16s(Boyles) pre game. Betfair down again all day so in running hard to measure but I’d imagine a serious gubbage convention would have been taken place

fuckin leinster scum

Can anyone imagine Brian Stafford missing a kick like that?

Unlucky today, mate.

:lol: cheers mate, i may have said some stuff in the heat of the moment.

No worries, mate. I shouldn’t have been grandstanding about it because I know some of you are well into the rugby football and it lacks class to wind you up during important games.