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In. I hope they make swiss cheese out of cheddar

Hoping Kerry do the business this weekend :+1:

Not signing in. Hurling needs Leix more than Kerry.



In, they shouldn’t have to play this game by right after winning 2 games ffs.

Yes, they should have changed the rules after Kerry won two games.

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I’ve nothing against Laois hurling but that rule is a load of bollix.

Its nothing to do with Laois. Its the rule. Its the rule thats been there for the past 4 or 5 years. They should change it because it affects Kerry? No one seemed to care last year when it was Offaly and Antrim?

The worse rule is the next play off.

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Should Galway not have to play a relegation playoff either or is it just Kerry?

Its Westmeath the lads should have the sympathy for. But shur they haven’t the brains to realise that.

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Galway obviously should be in the same boat as Kerry and Cork should be fucked down to 1B for not winning a match same as Laois.

In. Unreservedly.

Christ. :rollseyes:

I dunno, I’d be happy enough if Laois were fucked into 1B.

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The relegation and promotion to/from 1B is farcical.

The bottom team from 1B should be relegated automatically every year. There should be no play off.

The team who wins 2A should be promoted automatically. There should be no play off. Win the division and you go straight up. Can’t believe the 2B counties are not kicking up more of a fuss over it. It’s scandalous IMO.


Of course they kick up. No one gives a fuck about them though.

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Where is the sense in having a relegation play off if one team actually has points on the board and the other has lost all 5 league games…both Cork and Laois should be relegated and Galway and Kerry should stay were they are.

@myboyblue ye aren’t good enough to be in 1B it’s as simple as that.

Be quiet.