Sign in Saoirse McHugh backers

Signing in. I want to be part of her eco-socialist dream

Yes. I’d like to be her surfboard. I’d even tolerate the gimps in the rashers ad for her.

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I wouldnt.

Not signing in.

Very chauvinistic. Your type will be the first against the wall in the Eco-Socialist Republic


Against the hedge you cunt. You don’t get this at all.


I’ll take my brandy, cigarette and blindfold gladly.

He’s a fucking sham! Hang him.

But from a sturdy branch, dont hurt the tree.

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In the middle of a field up again a wall, one bullet bang bang

I would think that drowning would be the preferred mass execution policy for a Green government. Something like the model of boats sunk and refloated as used in the French Revolution reign of terror

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Death by Wolf surely?


Should she not just join Paul Murphy so? Didn’t he OUTFLANK the Greens and set up RISE his own socialist environmental party? Surely he has the socialism and she has the green and together they can actually set up a party in this model. I’d imagine it would have more potential followers than the likes of Renua or Aontú. Or Labour for that matter…


We need pictures.

tenor (4)

That is taking rewilding much too far.

Saoirse came across very well in some debate I seen her in,it’s a pity she’s in the Green Party

She resigned from the Green Party earlier today.