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Happy St Andrew’s Day to my fellow Scot lovers. A great occasion to appreciate what this magnificent little nation has given the world, as we look forward to her return to international football’s elite stage :clap:

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Get fucked :grin:

Maradonna me hole


I do love me my Diego as an aficionado of Neapolitan football but that goal was something else…

Not a country

Great thread. Scotland is a wonderful part of the world.

No Archie Gemmill, No Diego Maradona

What next a humberside thread?

Humberside isn’t a FIFA entity. They don’t even have a county cricket team.

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So what

What’s your issue with Scotland lovers expressing their love of Scotland? I thought you were a big League of Scotland soccer man.

Remember World Cup ‘78 and the Scotch heading down to Argentina all talk about how they were going to win the whole thing. Gas cunts.
Sent home with their tae in mug.

Teofilo Cubillas did them.

Huge day for the sizeable contingent of Scotland soccer enthusiasts on the forum.

Signing in

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