Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths



TFK has ruled him a celebrity already pal


TFK is wrong so


How fucking dare you.


Dan was more than a mere fly-by-night lightweight celebrity, ergo significant.


The Newry Rooneys and the Tipp O’Meara’s have backboned the greatest sport in the world for near a century now*. They deserve a thread of their own.

*I’m sure that other rat will be along shortly with some correction he picked up in his 12 year 3rd level education.


Rooney O’Mara :clap::clap::clap:


Some posters may be interested (or even saddened) to learn of the passing of Michael Hayes who had been president of Mary I college up to his death, seemed like a decent sort.
Funny as I was trying to explain to one of my daughters yesterday what the ‘boss’ of Mary I has to do, she was looking to acquire a key for one of the permanently locked gates.


Not a significant person


(Yes, yes, I know it’s not the right thread)
Roy has left us and signed for the scum. I no longer like the horrible langar Cark bastard.


RIP Pat Fitz.

Not that one.

Or that one.


CZECH REPUBLIC DEFENDER Frantisek Rajtoral, who played for Turkish side Gaziantepspor, has been found dead in his home.
The club’s president Ibrahim Kizil said the 31-year-old’s body was found in his home in the southeastern province of Gaziantep by police after he failed to attend training.
Kizil also confirmed that he had taken his own life.


Grandaddy’s Kevin Garcia has passed away.


Sad news. Some friends played with them last year and said he seemed a decent sort


Robert Miles.




What mate ?


oh my god, its like a piece of me has died, Bobby Kilometres is gone



An awful ‘tune’


The Indo has embedded tribute tweets in their report on Robert Miles’ death. They’ve included the one mad jocko comedian Daft Limmy posts any time anyone famous dies.