Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


Ah, bollix. His “Waterways” documentaries were mesmerising. RIP.


Agreed. Took ill on the water, and died shortly after. Albeit, still only 70 years of age, I imagine thats how he’d have liked it.


UFC hall of famer Matt Hughes is tapping at the door but not there just yet after his truck collided with a… train. Fuckin hell if he survives this it will be a miracle.



How twee


How is a photo of him visiting the gate he helped open twee? Now if it was cartoon, I’d agree, but I think the word you were stretching for was, poignant.


No. it was definitely twee.




I’m astonished to learn that Dick was only 70. I sometimes thought of him as a dead man on loan back to the living for a while. Waterways was wonderful. RTE at its best. Another good one gone.


Sad news…


John Avildsen director of Rocky and The karate kid.


My dad.


Ah Taz mate. Sorry to hear that


You poor divil. That’s terrible.


My sympathies, sir. May he rest in peace.


Sorry to hear that.


sorry to hear that



Desperate news, may he rest in peace.


Sorry to hear that pal