Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


The bed of heaven to him Taz. Take care


That’s wicked, sorry for your loss man


Sorry for your loss taz. RIP


Sorry to hear that Taz. God bless him and may he rest in peace. Look after yourself and take care of the rest of your family at this tough time.


Sorry for your loss, mate.


Gerry Conlon


Welcome to June 21st, 2014, mate.


Self cringe


I know what happened there, mate.

The Irish Times for some reason had the report of his death near the top of their list of most read stories this morning.

But still, you should ha…


Condolences Taz. Losing your father or mother is a wrench in your life that you’ll always remember. In most cases they’re always with great fondness and bear in mind the maxim that we all die twice. The time when your Dad’s name slips out of conversation is that day (in about 200 years).
The light of Heaven to him.


Michael Bond.


Paddington not Pilkington .


A death that’ll be hard to bear


He did great work with Offaly in 98


We need to take a paws for some reflection on this news.


Huge lack of respect shown to Michael Bond on here, it’s ursine of the times I suppose.


Fur fuck’s sake.


He left big shoes duffel


Bear with me a second chief. I hadn’t heard the term ursine before and I have to Google it.


Enough already with the shit puns