Significant people's (not celebrities) deaths


Some TV actor from the 60s Martin Landau.


You mean Oscar winner Martin Landau?


Very good actor, “North by Northwest” was a nice credit on his resume, he also starred with Peter F in one of his best Columbo episodes “Double Shock” in 1973. He was was working right up until his death.


That’s very basic wikiing, could you not have put a bit of effort in, I even knew all that and I only heard of him a couple of hours ago.


Everyone is not as smart as you mate.


Anyone who knows anything about motion pictures is aware of the oeuvre of Martin Landau
RIP Mr. Landau


I’d say you’re a bit thick to be honest but if you want to pretend to know who this lad was then don’t talk such generic shit,
FFS sake, I’ve seen North by Northwest and that lad is not one of the stars.
Stick to the racism and homophobia and don’t worry yourself with matters of culture


No bother mate.


Not to mention TV


Jess, I had completely forgotten about that, it was a good show, but edgy as I remember. I used to have an Airfix model of the ship in that, it was very complicated to construct.


I never heard of that show before, was it ever on Irish television?


Don’t think so. We could pick up HTV so we watched it every Saturday. Cracking show


Actor John Heard best known as the father in Home alone.


Heard that earlier alright.


I see what you did there! Unlucky for him he was the last of the deaths that come in threes this week.


Ara Parseghian has passed away aged 94. R.I.P. Coach.


Sonny Landham best known for playing Billy in Predator and fearing no man.RIP.


Waldir Peres died recently.


Brazilian goalkeeper in 82 World Cup?


Colin Meads has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.