Significant primates (not celebrities) deaths




Its been logged on the Celebrity Death thread. Colin Meads was box office.


I’ve logged it in the correct thread.


Inappropriately logged on that thread. I don’t think this guy is significant enough to warrant noting on this thread either.


Can you or @Rocko move those posts to this thread mate.


Can you merge the posts from the other thread to here, mate? We don’t want the celebrities thread bogged down with nobodies and letting Geoff and co off the hook here opens the door to all sorts.


The most significant and best rugby player in the most significant and successful rugby playing nation is most assuredly a celebrity.


A crowd of sheep farmers from the Pacific being the best rugby football nation sums up the complete apathy to the activity elsewhere. Not a sport. It was confirmed on TFK during @Smark 's successful reign as celeb spotting adjudicator that the only valid rugby football related celebrities were “O’Driscoll and that big black lad Bastereaud”. Ergo, this auld lad (RIP) can’t be a celeb.


Sorry to hear that RIP


So you finally got around in the last few minutes to expressing condolences for the great Sir Colin Meads.

When his passing was first remarked on the Celebrity Deaths 2017 thread early this morning by @gilgamboa , you were on fairly lively shit stirring, denigrating the great Sir Colin Meads and hurling foul mouthed diatribes at fellow posters. Six posts you made on that thread but not a word of condolences for the deceased.


Yes.sad to hear this non celeb died


When you look at the respects paid to tony keady on what is essentially a rugby forum the attitude of a few on here is most disappointing


He has no respect for the dead.


He has no respect for rugby, rightly so


IRA informer Sean O’Callaghan has died aged 62.



Odd post


RIP Sean.


Tobe Hooper Director best known for Poltergeist and The Texas chainsaw massacre aged 74.


Louise L Hay… Author of a load of positive affirmation type books.


LL Cold Hay