Significant primates (not celebrities) deaths


RIP Willie Duggan.




RIP Peadar Lamb, known to many as Fargo Boyle, who died on Friday at the age of 87.


Fuckin hell




Was he not Chris? Fargo was the owner.





That’s two of them in a short time?




That has made me sad. Holger was one of the greats and Can are one of my all time favourites.



They are all dropping like flies.


Damn you 2017


My favourite Can song - although it seems very sped up on this version.

Mary, Mary, So Contrary


Don Williams


Lord of mercy on him, he brought smiles to people’s faces, RIP Don.


Sad news. Was never a huge fan of his material, but what a voice.

He always reminded me of my late grandfather who bore an uncanny resemblance to him.


I had the fella with the harmonica in my head, don’t know this fella at all.


You’d recognise a few songs


I had a look there and by strange coincidence the only song I know from the title is ‘got a winner in you’ which is more famous in this country for Don Bakers version :confused: