Significant primates (not celebrities) deaths


You’re having enough difficulty with picking out living celebs. Keep your beadies off the dead ones you greedy git.


Philip Roth. Writer.




RIP whoever you are


Can’t say fairer than that.


Never heard of him


You’re usually the go to man for writers no one’s ever heard about.


He was probably too commercial tastes. RIP whoever he was.


If it’s not got Koala Lou in it, Or something about dingos robbing incest babies, @Fitzy’s bet.


He was ahead of his time and slated for the sexual nature of his writings back in post war America. I’m surprised anyone hasn’t heard of American Pastoral or Portnoy’s Complaint.


Portnoy was a pure solid legend, a level of depravity that would put @Sidney’s tampon sucking in the shade

How the absolute fuck could you never have heard of him


Never heard of this guy. Think it’s a stretch to even include him here, never mind the Celebrity Deaths thread.


Is the ‘I never heard of him “ thing now another pretend ??

I am a philistine roaster from west limerick and I have heard of and read Philip Roth .


You get a better class of roaster in West Limerick


Whatever about a better class there is certainly a proliferation of them at least.
I’m getting my coat…


I’d read The Human Stain before. I’d give it a:
Meandering, But Daycent Overall/10

I may give Portnoy an auld lash in his honour.


Portnoy’s complaint is an outstanding book, a deviant of epic proportions. I still refuse to believe that educated people have never heard Philip Roth’s name, lads who failed the leaving cert needn’t worry about it.


You hardly think the muldoons on here have read anything apart from the Sunday Indo since they left school?


Too busy pretend-reading Jordan Peterson’s Lobster Theory and PremierView.


Cornelia Frances, who played Morag in Home and Away.