Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


Weren’t they involved in a couple of hotels. I think Bernard also set up a business doing some kind of consultancy


Bernard runs a sport and event management company primarily but has his finger in a number pies. Sits on a few charitable, sports and business initiative boards.

Alan works for a print and design branding company.

They are both minimally involved also with the father who is the front man for a number of property investors. They have bought up a number of hotels an pubs during the recession and assume will be using Brand Brogan to promote them when they fully relaunch.


What is their true involvement with Dundrum Hotel & Golf resort in Tipperary, mate?


Isn’t Bernard a qualified Chartered Accountant or something like that?


He is but hated working in practice.


He’s an alright sort so.


Alan seemed an alright sort the brief time I met him.


Today’s CPA event was a goldmine for this thread. Only surprised it hasn’t been posted already!


Bernard senior got into Microsoft in dublin to manage the facilities at a very early stage.

Shares and options


A lot of very smart cookies on that Dublin team .


They sure are.
Brains and brawn!!


I’ve been saying it all along lads, that Johnny Doyle is only two ends of a cunt.


No he’s not. He is a grand fella as is his brother Ken. Just cos a lad kicked a loaf of scores against Laois doesn’t make him a cunt.


Bernard has 4 all Ireland medals. Man of the Match in 2 of those finals. Ye could do with a few pricks like him in Waterford.


Jaysus if kicking a load of scores against Laois makes someone a cunt then most of the lads playing inter county must be cunts.


Typical a cunt like you would stick up for a royal family of cunts like the Doyle’s. They’re despised by everyone who meets them.


I’ve yet to meet anyone with a good word to say about him, he’s almost as bad as that Doyle tramp


He is a prick though


Maybe a little bit. But he is very good at kicking the ball over the bar so I am willing to cut him some slack.


So none of your inbred Laois mates or cousins have a good word to say about Brogan or Doyle. There’s a surprise.