Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


John Doyle acted the royal bollox in my presence once. True story


Be something wrong with him if he couldn’t.


I bet you’re related to Doyle, it’d make so much sense now, you’re as pig ignorant as each other.


Yerra shur the entire team are drunks ffs!


Unlike your mother and father myself and Johnny Doyle are not related. I just know him through a friend and I have always found him to be a decent genuine bloke.


Amazing, a person on TFK suddenly knows someone to back up their argument, unreal!


It’s preferable to you calling lads you have never met tramps and cunts, over and fucking over again. It’s childish carry on.


You strike me as an awful fucking tramp all the same.



Winner alright


What are the photos in aid of??
That lad in the grey trackies obviously has his mind on other matters:wink:



Ffs :smile:

"We need something for the preview of the u-21 semi final. Something that’ll sell. Something that’ll appeal and resonate.

“I’ve got it. We’ll bring them to somewhere - Limerick junction perhaps? - and get them to stand in the middle of train tracks for the pic.” :steam_locomotive:


Another promising Limerick underage career comes to the end of the line


Dublin Port bizarrely enough.


Limerick juggernaut derailed. Again.




Gilroy has been burdened with one of the most punchable faces I’ve ever seen, being a prize cunt is the icing on the cake of course.