Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


First thing I noticed. Il have to get onto Joe


That lad in the middle of the back row will make a fine full-back one day. I like the cut of his jib.


Hijab what now?





I love the ones taken in an airport when a load of muckers from some boghole are off to America or Australia, bucklepping around the departures area holding hurleys like it was their first time let loose


Did you bring yours with ye


It probably was


Who’s yer one?


I believe she is Galway Camogie player Ava Lynskey.


She should be in the homegrown talent thread.


A dinger to close out 2017


Throw the fuckers into the fire




Is it time for the premier Irish universities competition again?



Badly lit corner - check
Oddly placed pull up poster - check
Throw on the caps lads - check






Look at the cut of Paudie & Stakelum :smile:.
Obviously unable to throw on a Cap properly. :see_no_evil:


What the fuck is going on with the carpet?


Tipp boys aren’t toilet trained, pissed the floor