Slightly Awkward GAA Promotional Pictures Thread


Slightly awkward?!


Who’s the gimp on the left beside Heifer Humphreys ?


Dup’s Christopher stalford. @Cicero_Dandi posted a few choice photos in the roaster thread.
Himself and sinn fein’s John O’Dowd had a very civil and positive discussion on 'the view ’ after the Barry mcelduff fiasco.
I’d say he’s next in line after foster. He’s the sort of hard nosed pragmatic leader that unionism will need to fight their corner once the numbers stop favouring them.
If you’re interested he’s just taken part in ‘talkback’ in radio ulster. He’s up against the free Presbyterian lunatics and more than holding his own.




That’s amusing.

If you look at the entire gallery featuring the players from all 4 counties, they’ve obviously been told to look mean and moody or something.






@KinvarasPassion fighting tooth and nail to keep his wall and lads landing down on them like that


He’ll be ate with the sciortans. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has Lyme disease already




Seb should’a sorted out the shiny makeup before hitting her with flash.




Jaysus the girls have got some tan on them. It must be all the training in the good weather. :slight_smile:



Poor auld Jim Broadbent looks on the way out.


Serious pitches up north


Is that one of the Morans up top?


Hilarious amount of slap on them